Our Executive & Management Assessments

Where do you want to go and what do you need to focus on to get there as a leader? Regardless of the stage of your career, there’s always room for improvement and you should never stop learning, developing and improving both personally and professionally.

One way to gain some insight and self-awareness on where you’re at and identify your next steps are leadership or executive assessments. They can give you an objective idea of your abilities as a leader, help you capitalise on your strengths and assist you in improving your challenge areas. An effective leadership assessment lets you know in a constructive way just what kind of leadership skills you have and where you need to focus in order to move into the next stages of your career.


Investing and participating in leadership or executive assessments allows you to:

  • Be guided in creating and achieving your career goals – help define where you want to go as an executive and how to get there
  • Increase your self awareness and become a better leader – help build on your leadership strengths and confront your weaknesses
  • Improve in all stages of your career – help identify your next steps and areas of focus at different stages of your career
  • Improve leadership development plans – help identify gaps in the talent pool, while establishing who is prepared to take on senior general management positions when vacancies arise

ACE Leadership & Executive Assessments

At ACE we’ve committed ourselves to data-focused leadership and organisation development with our robust Executive Assessment practice. All of our unique leadership development assessments are supported by a one hour debrief with optional ongoing coaching to ensure the participant has clear behavioural change goals and an action plan to support them.

Business Acumen Gauge Assessment


The Business Acumen Gauge is a powerful, adaptive diagnostic that takes breakthrough research of the eleven fundamental behaviours and skills that makes smart, commercial leaders successful and embeds them into a learning and development platform suitable for any business. The results are presented in a comprehensive report for each participant, ensuring a customised, relevant development framework for the debrief and coaching.

Resilience At Work Assessment


The Resilience at Work Assessment shows leaders their strengths and challenge areas when it comes to their ability to cope with or thrive during times of change and challenge. More than 2000 leaders globally have taken the assessment and gained valuable insights into what they can do to expand on their strengths, tell more positive stories, and understand how resilience – or change readiness – can make them and their organisations successful over time.

Executive Presence Assessment


Executive presence is a learnable skill (not a trait) that enables great leaders to grab attention and make others feel heard, understood, and inspired to take action. This brief self-assessment is designed to provide insight into the four types of presence, where your strengths and challenges lie, and what you can do to develop the most important elements of Executive Presence.

MSCEIT Assessment


The MSCEIT™ (pronounced muh-skeet) is a performance test of emotional intelligence. Using a variety of interesting and creative tasks, it measures your capacity for reasoning with emotional information. Like an IQ test, it measures how well you solve problems as a standard form of intelligence.  This assessment is valuable for anyone managing people, and becomes even more so when combined with other tools that illuminate the power of the MSCEIT report. We often combine the MSCEIT with SHL’s “OPQ” or Occupational Personality Questionnaire, which is the worlds leading personality assessment for predicting performance, potential, and fit while identifying behavioural styles.

Qualitative 360 Assessment


Our qualitative 360 program is designed to help managers and leaders achieve their personal best by providing a window into their core strengths and challenges as perceived by those they work with.

Recruitment & Onboarding Assessment


Complement your recruitment and selection processes with our knowledge, experience and expertise in job needs analysis, job design, interviewing and assessments. Our team comprises extensive executive and assessment experience that provides our clients with real world understanding, application and advice on how to set their new hire up for success. We use market leading assessments in personality, emotional intelligence and cognitive as required and can produce reports that are written for each candidate aligned to the role profile.

“The ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have.”

 – Padmasree Warrior

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