Resilience at Work

Our partners at Sloan Group International have been studying resilience at work for the last twelve years using their Resilience at Work Assessment....

The Psychology of Effective Crisis Leadership

Think about your work environment. 

Is it a place where people are concerned for their jobs? Are they uncomfortable with or distrustful of feedback? Is there a consistent background state of anxiety? OR, is it a place you are excited to go to, where new ideas are cultivated, where there is a sense of possibility and promise, and where you are unafraid to express yourself, to ask questions, or to come up with new ways of working?

Long Term-ism and Crisis Leadership

Crisis leadership is primarily associated with short-term focus in order to get through a challenging time. How do we address the long term during times of significant change?

How business acumen affects business value

Business value must be created, maintained and grown. It requires foresight, planning, collaboration, people, systems, financial acuity and most of all, an aligned focus of capabilities, resources and leadership. Business acumen is what provides the framework that aligns, guides and delivers business value.

Team Cohesion

When we think about practicing physical and mental discipline as a team, what does that mean? The first step is to make sure expectations are clear and that practices are outlined for everyone.

Executive Presence – What is it and how does it impact the bottom line

There are quite a few people providing courses in what they describe as executive presence, although when reviewed, all too often this is being translated into media training, grooming and how to dominate the room. Knowing how to present clearly across mediums is vital and taking care with your personal appearance (which does not mean having to wear a suit or skirt) are elements of executive presence, dominating the room is not.