Questions for managers to elicit better performance

Whether it’s an employee review or a reflection on a project or challenge, asking the right questions is vital for enhancing performance, improving productivity levels and increasing employee morale.

Building Resilience

From the COVID-19 pandemic to an epidemic of economic loss and deep uncertainty about what's in store, this is a time when even the toughest of us...

When Coaching Works

Coaching may or may not be the right answer for the leadership development needs of your organisation. How do you know?

Better Decision-Making

Research into decision making show a number of cognitive blocks to making the most effective leadership decisions.

Strategic Mindset versus Strategic Thinking

In creating our Strategic Mindset leadership program we looked carefully at the research on successful strategy execution for leaders, and found that a differentiating factor for effectiveness is not just the application of strategic THINKING, but strategic MINDSET. 

Resilience at Work: The Three Domains

Many people believe that some of us have the ability to thrive under stress, and others don’t, that we’re either born tough or weak, and our circumstances dictate how we turn out.