Coaching may or may not be the right answer for the leadership development needs of your organisation. How do you know?

Here is a short list of problems that one-on-one coaching won’t solve:

  • Treating leaders’ psychological problems 
  • Delivering performance messages that should be delivered by senior management
  • Fixing someone who has been told they need to change their behaviour but who doesn’t want the coaching (the best coaching requires the buy-in of the person being coached)

Here are the kinds of problems great coaching can solve: 

  • Developing leader self-awareness and awareness of one’s effect on people, process and strategy 
  • Cultivating stronger performance, confidence or presence, and flexibility in the face of change 
  • Developing problem-solving and decision-making skills 
  • Encouraging responsibility and accountability for results 
  • Integrating new material, assimilating feedback and developing core competencies after training
  • Supporting senior leadership in influencing a board or executive team
  • Developing new skills and structures for achievement

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