Let’s begin with a simple model of what builds resilience – it’s all in your relationships:

  1. Relationship to self (are you confident, optimistic, and able to manage your emotions?)
  2. Relationship to others (do you feel supported and connected?)
  3. Relationship to your external environment (how do you interpret the events that happen to you or around you?)

Many people believe that some of us have the ability to thrive under stress, and others don’t, that we’re either born tough or weak, and our circumstances dictate how we turn out. We can all learn to be resilient, and our ability to bounce back is not based on our genetics or even our life experience. We all have it in us; we just have to activate it effectively.

The most powerful, effective managers and leaders are those who step up to a challenge and face it with flexibility, courage, and the ability to inspire others to follow them into the unknown. They may not know how strong they are before they are tested, but they have confidence in their ability to prevail.